Monday, September 12, 2005


Most employers give little importance on the employment applications submitted to them. On the contrary, employment applications are very important in the sense that it serves as a prerequisite to the employment relationship between the employer and his employee. The employment application also is an important document when it comes to employment related lawsuits.

The employment application may be use by the employee as his or her basis for filing a wrongful discharge lawsuit against his or her employee on the other hand the employer may likewise use the employment application as his or her defense for discharging an employee. The employment application should be from time to time reviewed to ensure that the queries it contained are correct and must be created in such a way that it does not only protect the rights of the employee but also the rights of the employer.

There are three important considerations that an employer must never forget to include in the employment application such as whether the question has a disproportionate effect especially when it comes to screening minorities and females and if ever the information will be helpful in judging the competence of an employee in performing a specific job. Another consideration pertains to other options that are non-discriminatory that will help secure relevant information regarding the employee.

And lastly for employment related lawsuits there are Employment Attorney Services that are comprised of caliber lawyers who will make sure that you have a winning court representation.