Monday, November 28, 2005

The Horror of Car Accidents

Headline: Three Killed in a Highway Accident This Morning; cause of accident – a speedy car driver trying to overtake another car. Imagine this…it’s a beautiful Tuesday morning. It is a big day for you for today is the day of your presentation that you believe would impress your boss. You went down to breakfast and while you were reading the morning paper you spill your coffee over your shirt. Then your daughter asked you to help her with her assignment and to add to that increasingly unlucky day, you checked your watch and it’s almost seven thirty. In short you were running late. You went up to change your shirt and by the time you came down it was already 7:40. You shouted at your daughter to get in the car and you left the house felling irritated. Then you got stuck in traffic. By this time your patience is almost at the edge. You were nearing your daughters school when your phone rung. It was your secretary looking for you because the meeting is about to start in ten minutes. Then out of nowhere another car came skidding and hit your car. You slipped off the road and went tumbling off a cliff.

Horrible isn’t it? It is so terrible to know that everyday hundreds of people are killed in accidents that were either their fault or not. To think that every day we share the road with reckless drivers who makes every minute that we spend behind the wheels too risky. Alcohol is not the only factor that causes auto accidents. Although it is the most common cause, talking in the phone and driving while having intense emotions such as anger, irritation or fury also causes most car accidents today. It is often sad to think that most of the victims of car accidents are innocent children and individuals who were merely catching a ride with the irresponsible driver.

If there are ways to get into car accidents, there are definitely ways to avoid one. Cars were built as a mode of transportation and as technology advances every year so does the safety devices. It is stating the obvious to say that people involved in car crashes not only want to survive the accident but also walk away from it. So if you follow safety precautions and wear safety devices, your chances of getting a serious injury in a car accident will be reduced. And if ever you do get into an accident, not only is your medical condition your only concern but also your legal rights. Remember that you have rights under the law so if you want to recover financially from the wreck that you have endured, consider talking with a vehicle accident lawyer.

Hence, despite the growing number of deaths and injuries each year as a result of car accidents there’s still lots of ways of not only reducing this incidents but possibly eliminating these accidents – that is if only individuals and drivers alike will exercise extra caution when hitting the road.